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Maximum boost for your eyelashes

Longer and fuller lashes in 4 weeks

With active ingredients, Vitamines E & B5, hyaluronic acid, biotin and peptides to nourish your eyelashes

Cruelty-free, Vegan, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicone & Fragrance free

Safe for use with lash extensions

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Dermatologically tested

Satisfied or money-back: We are convinced of our products. Therefore we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, if you are not happy with our products.

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Eyelash Care Set

The popular eyelash serum in combination with the highly effective eyelash care oil for beautiful and long eyelashes.

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45,00 £ INCL. VAT.
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    The Super Lash Eyelash Serum by Sophie Rosenburg has everything you need to get longer, fuller and voluminous lashes in only 4 weeks. Apply the eyelash serum once a day for 12 weeks for full and best results.

    The eyelash enhancer serum by Sophie Rosenburg is non-irritating and can be used by people with sensitive eyes and by contact lens wearers. Our Super Lash Eyelash Serum has not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as people undergoing chemotherapy. As a precaution, we advise that you speak to your medical practitioner first before using our product.

    Our experts from Austria strive for a careful selection of the best ingredients to provide you with the finest quality for our products. Our Super Lash Eyelash Serum has not been tested on animals.

    We are confident in our products and therefore offer 100% money-back guarantee. If you have not achieved any results after 12 weeks of daily use as instructed you can qualify for your money-back guarantee.
  • The daily application is very simple and fast. In the evening, after removing the make-up, simply apply a brush stroke to the base of the lashes. For maximum boost and fast effect it is important to apply the serum daily.
  • Aqua
    Water is the basis of the lash serum and serves as a carrier of the active ingredients.

    Pentylene Glycol
    Particularly caring and gentle preservative with antibacterial properties.

    Increases the elasticity of the skin, softens it and protects it from dehydration and irritation.

    Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate
    The emulsifier is refattening and particularly mild to the skin. It is therefore particularly suitable for the sensitive skin of the upper lash line.

    Sodium Hyaluronate,
    Provides intensive moisture and has a soothing effect deep into the skin.

    Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin
    Caring, antimicrobial agents with very good compatibility, which protect the lash serum against microbial spoilage.

    Balances the moisture balance of dry and brittle hairs and provides them with long-term moisture. Panthenol also supports regenerative metabolic processes of the skin.

    The vitamin E form has a strong antioxidant and cell-protective effect, as well as being anti-inflammatory and cell-renewing.

    We use pure high quality ethanol, which is on the INCI list as "„Alcohol“ and is considered as "good alcohol". Ethanol has an antibacterial effect and ensures the shelf life of the serum.

    Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1
    Conditions the hair and strengthens new eyelashes through improved moisture penetration of the hair root.

    Isopropyl Cloprostenate
    Prostaglandin derivative that activates the hair roots of the eyelashes prolongs the growth phase and provides fuller and stronger eyelashes.

  • 32 reviews for Super Lash EYELASH SERUM

    1. Sue

      Ive been using it for more than 4 weeks, and I can see that my lashed have grown. The serum is really easy to use and does not burn for me. I will keep using it and a definite recommendation!

    2. Lauren

      You have to try it to believe it! I was so critical of eyelash serums, but this one is really amazing. I’ve been using it for 12 weeks and my lashes have grown long and thicker.
      From the previous serums I used, my lashes have become long but brittle, but Sophie Rosenburg’s serum does what it says it will. 100% recommendation! Great product!!!

    3. Marina

      Great eyelash serum! Just got amazing results with it.

    4. Lena

      I am thrilled!! The product delivers what it promises! Already after a few weeks, I can see a significant improvement in the length and density of my lashes. I can really recommend it!

    5. Laura

      I don’t often evaluate products, but the eyelash serum really blew me away. I had long eyelashes before, but with this they became really gorgeous. I am constantly being asked how beautiful my lashes are and even asked if I have had lash extensions glued on, that’s how long and thick they have become. I can recommend the product without any reservations. It is also very well tolerated and does not burn my eyes (I always had this problem with M2 serum, which is why I stopped using it).

    6. Sarah

      5 stars …. The serum is amazing. I am using it since April and my eyelashes have become significantly longer and thicker. I am often asked if they are my real eyelashes!

    7. Jennifer S.

      I am thrilled, it took me unfortunately about 6 weeks. (Maybe because I had another one before) But the result is great. There is no burning, no reddening of the eyes. Also the price performance has convinced me.

    8. Birgit

      The eyelash serum is really great. I searched a long time for false lashes and discovered this serum. After only a short time the lashes grew very quickly! That is super tolerable and highly recommended!

    9. Natalie

      Super and very recommendable!
      I have been using the serum for 2.5 months and, like many, I was very sceptical and impatient. But after 6 weeks applying it once in the evening, the result came! I had very short and thin lashes and thanks to the serum I have thicker and meanwhile very long lashes! I will now apply it only 2-3 times a week.

    10. Vanessa

      The serum really works wonders. It takes a few weeks to see results but it is definitely worth the wait.

    11. Tamara

      Clear recommendation to buy! A great product that really shows first results after about 4 weeks! I have very sensitive eyes and can still tolerate the product well. Before that I used castor oil for years – the lashes have also become stronger and thicker, but not longer – with this serum they will definitely become longer!

    12. Nicole

      The product is really great. Very easy to apply. I have always used it in the evening. After 3-4 weeks the results are visible, unfortunately I did not take a before photo. I can only recommend it! 5 stars.

    13. Julia

      In the beginning I was very sceptical and thought about ordering the serum for a long time. But because of a discount code I decided to do so.
      After a few weeks of use I have seen first results, now after about 4 months I got absolutely wonderful results. Furthermore the serum is very productive. Therefore the price-performance ratio is sensational. I will definitely order again and can warmly recommend the serum. 🙂

    14. Vani

      I didn’t believe in it at first, but after a few weeks I had a great result. I am completely satisfied and will order it again!

    15. Nina K.

      I have been using this serum for a long time and I am absolutely delighted! My lashes are much longer and thicker than before. The serum is very easy to apply. I am super satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone. Top product!

    16. Larissa

      My eyelashes are definitely getting longer. A friend of mine has already recognized the long lashes so I’m not the only one seeing it. I have had several other eyelash growth serums but this one is by far the best.

    17. Janine

      I can highly recommend the eyelash serum. My lashes have become firmer and longer in a very short time (approx. 4 – 6 weeks). I am very satisfied and remain a loyal customer.

    18. Sarah

      I’ve been using the serum for 6 weeks now and everyone is really talking to me about my eyelashes. Really TOP product! Price performance also very good.

    19. Bina

      I’m really surprised! I use it for my eyelashes and eyebrows! I honestly didn’t know Seren like that yet and when I saw it online I thought a try wouldn’t hurt… With the eyebrows I quickly saw results, with the eyelashes it took a while but it was worth it, the eyelashes look great! I am really glad that I tried it!

    20. Christine

      Great product and super effect! I’ve been using it for 8 weeks now. After 4 weeks I had clearly thicker and stronger eyelashes and they could be mascaraed extremely well. Now after 8 weeks you have become really already extremely long and everyone speaks to me about it. I have already recommended it, because a friend uses a clearly more expensive product which did not work so well. Thank you for the great product dear Sophie Rosenburg Team!

    21. Nadja

      I was skeptical at first when a friend told me about it, but thanks to the satisfaction guarantee I dared and now I am thrilled. I am surprised how clearly you can see the difference. My eyelashes have become much thicker and although I wear contact lenses I have no problems with it. Simply great 🙂

    22. Sonja

      I have already tested many products, even the more expensive ones, but I have to say that I like the price-performance ratio best here. I have no burning eyes and the brush to apply makes the application very easy. Clear recommendation.

    23. Tina K.

      I must admit that I was very skeptical because there are now thousands of serums and creams for long eyelashes or their alleged growth-promoting effect. Especially when you consider the prices you think twice about whether the purchase is worth it. Here I must say – NOT disappointed and YES it was worth it. I was now after two weeks of application in the morning and evening on my sooo long eyelashes addressed (((-: I am very happy and I can not care which mascara
      they always wear perfect tip top!

    24. Lisa N.

      That’s an eyelash serum I’m so happy to buy! So far I always had the problem of short, inconspicuous eyelashes! After reading the mostly positive reviews, I decided to order this product, but without much expectation! Delivery was super fast and I could start right away! You have to be patient, miracles take a little longer. I applied the serum very well every evening before going to sleep, over 4 weeks. There one already saw the first results. After approx. 12 weeks of application I can say that my eyelashes have become super long (also in unshaven condition), in my opinion also denser. With the appropriate mascara it looks as if I am wearing false eyelashes. I will definitely stick with this eyelash serum, because the effect really surprised me!

    25. Fiona

      I have tried several products for my eyelashes, including natural oils. But my eyelashes never really got long and I had to make them up a lot. Since I used Sophie Rosenburg’s, my eyelashes even look totally long without make-up. So I don’t have to make them up so much anymore and even if I make a thicker eyeliner stroke, you can see my eyelashes. So absolute buy recommendation from me.

    26. Elena

      For me personally, the serum works. Beautiful full and long eyelashes, if you use it regularly. I have now tested it for two months and am really satisfied. It is enough to apply it only in the evening before going to bed. If you don’t want to lose the effect, don’t forget to wear it regularly. As with other serums, the effect will decrease otherwise. Thank you

    27. Tamara

      I have used the serum 6 weeks every day and my eyelashes are stronger, longer and can be mascara much better! I am really excited. I bought it after I had no more eyelashes after an artificial eyelash extension! Now I am super satisfied.

    28. Anna-Lena M.

      Application was very easy, compared to my previous serum, the brush is better and the serum doesn’t get into the eye so easily. Ingredients are transparent and I am positively surprised. There is a 1 star deduction as it took me 3 days to receive the package.

    29. Sabrina

      Fast and flawless delivery. I have been using it every evening for two weeks now and I imagine I can already see a change. I saw it after 2 months at my girlfriend’s and it was just a wow effect. She even had to shorten her eyelashes a bit because they were so long. Top!

    30. Katharina

      Very nice serum. The first impression is very high quality and the handling of the eyelash serum is very easy. Altogether I could achieve great results with the serum. Among other things I have optically more and longer eyelashes. The desired effect occurred and therefore a clear recommendation!

    31. helene t.

      I had once tested another serum and my eyes started to burn and turned red. After a long time I gave it a new chance and bought the eyelash serum from Sophie Rosenburg. The application is very easy and I have so far no problems with the eyes after 2 weeks. I only give 5 stars when I have achieved the desired result.

    32. Maria L.

      I bought the eyelash serum from Sophie Rosenburg based on a recommendation, but was sceptical if it works, because it is quite cheap compared to other serums.
      After my eyelash extension my eyelashes were extremely broken and short. I applied it every day 1x directly to the lash line and at the beginning I didn’t see any difference. But after about 4 weeks they became really long and beautiful.
      I continue to use it every day and have now already ordered the 2nd bottle.
      I would not have thought that it works

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