Soft-Touch Eyelash curler by SOPHIE ROSENBURG ®

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For the perfect eyelash curler

Gently forms the lashes upwards without bending

Instant perfect swing

Comfortable soft-touch pad

Captures even hard-to-grip lashes

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Delivery Time: 2-4 Days.


Excellent Eyelash Set

The popular eyelash serum in combination with the Soft-Touch eyelash curler (incl. 4 replacement rubbers) for the perfect swing

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  • Instant perfect eyelash curl:
    Beautifully fanned out eyelashes without breaking or tearing. Our innovative eyelash curler grips even hard-to-reach lashes along the entire lash line with just one application, giving your lashes the perfect curl and visually opening your eyes.

    Comfortable soft-touch technology:
    Ideal design combined with ergonomic and comfortable technology: the thick, rounded soft-touch pad does not stick, does not bend the lashes and ensures comfortable application without problems. A single press of the ergonomically shaped handles is enough to give the lashes a full day's curl. Incl. 4 replacement pads.
  • Place as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes and then gently squeeze. Gently squeeze the handle and hold for a few seconds. Gentle, gradual application lifts the lashes gently without bending them.

    -Only use on clean lashes without mascara. Apply the opened pliers to the upper lash line, placing the lashes on the Soft-Touch Pad.
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