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The frame of our face: the eyebrows

We style them or leave them naturally, we would like them to be fuller or less bushy, we love them or hate them, sometimes they are simply annoying and cost us a lot of time or, depending on their shape, they can also just totally casually emphasize our relaxed “laissez-faire” lifestyle: our eyebrows. Since our youth we have followed all trends and invested a lot of time in our eyebrows. That’s why you probably think you know a lot about the eyebrow – but you’ve probably never heard these facts!

For example, did you know that in ancient Egypt you had to shave your eyebrows when your cat died and the Romans made fake eyebrows out of goat hair? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Even back then, the eyebrow issue was not so unimportant!

Incidentally, the various trends of eyebrows come and go: In the 20s, thin and perfectly plucked eyebrows were totally fashionable. The trend repeated itself in the 90s and 2000s. In the 80s, on the other hand, the trends tended to go wild and bushy. This is also the trend in 2021.

By the way, the eyebrow is crucial to recognize faces: A study conducted in America concluded that eyebrows are more important in recognizing a person than the eyes themselves.

We can also see better with the help of our eyebrows. Like our eyelashes, they keep dirt and sweat away from our eyelids.

Without your eyebrow, nonverbal communication would also be much more difficult. In fact, in the case of emotions such as fear, anger or astonishment, they are raised almost automatically, thus facilitating exchanges between people even without the use of words.

Eyebrows, by the way, like your eyelashes and head hair, are not stress resistant. With too much mental stress, they tend to fall out and become thinner.

And here are some interesting numbers: On average, we have 250 hairs per eyebrow. The lifespan of an eyebrow hair is about 4 months.

Do you have naturally rather thinner eyebrows or did you get thinner eyebrows by too much plucking and simply wish for fuller eyebrows? Then we would like to recommend our new Brow Growth Serum to you. It strengthens the hairs of your eyebrows and ensures full and thick eyebrows. Find inspiration for styling and the latest trends for your eyebrows here.

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