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BROW GROWTH SERUM by Sophie Rosenburg

Who does not dream of naturally long, thick and strong eyebrows. 


The dream of many women: Beautifully thick eyebrows, day and night time. With our new Brow Growth Serum by Stephanie Davis your dream will become true ! Together with the beautiful Stephanie Davis, we have developed an eyebrow serum with a rich and innovative formula that ensures rapid growth and conjures up stunningly thick and strong eyebrows after just four weeks of daily use. It prolongs the growth phase of the eyebrows and strengthens the hair root from the inside, preventing premature loss of the hairs. For beautifully styled eyebrows!




Like our hair on the head, our eyebrows have a specific growth phase. Our Brow Growth Serum prolongs the growth phase of the eyebrows, making them stronger and denser. In addition, it strengthens the hair root and thus prevents premature loss of the hairs. With daily use, it helps to significantly improve the structure of your eyebrows in the long term.


♡ Ingredients


Carefully selected nourishing ingredients with intensive effectiveness make your eyebrows stronger and longer. Nourishing aloe vera serves as the base of our eyebrow serum. Aloe Vera nourishes your eyebrow hairs and skin especially richly and provides them with intensive moisture. The vitamins, minerals and enzymes contained in it strengthen the eyebrows and help you regenerate the hair structure. Highly effective hyaluronic acid soothes the skin and stores moisture deep into the skin. With vitamin E, your skin cells are both protected and renewed. The antioxidant property also protects against free radicals and hair loss. The contained panthenol rebalances the moisture balance of dry skin and hairs and supports the regenerative metabolic processes of the skin. Our serum is also ideal for people with sensitive skin. We completely avoid parabens, silicones, fragrances and mineral oils. In addition, the eyebrow serum is vegan and cruelty free.


♡ Application


The application is quick and easy. It is best to apply the Brow Growth Serum in the evening before going to bed. It is important that your face is cleansed and your make-up has been thoroughly removed beforehand. Start from the inside of the eyebrow and gently glide the applicator over your eyebrows. It is sufficient to apply the eyebrow serum once a day. Make sure that all the hairs of your eyebrow are covered with the serum. This way, our eyebrow serum can develop its full effect overnight.

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